June 2020
ALIGN FREE introductory session: This will be a live, online session
Tuesday 9th June 8-9pm
This session will offer an introduction to the eight week course, sharing some ideas to do with mindfulness, values and self-care, and how these can be of benefit to us, as well as some experiential practices to give a taste of these. We recommend that if you are planning to attend the eight week course you also attend this session to get a sense of what it will offer, and to ‘meet’ other potential participants.
To book your place for the session, please contact us


ALIGN – 8 week mindfulness course: This will be a live, online course

Tuesday 23rd June – Tuesday 11th August 8-9.30pm

ALIGN is a values-based mindfulness course designed to be accessible amidst the demands of life, including work, relationships, family life and transitions. It supports bringing balance into all areas of life, built on the foundations that our personally chosen values provide intrinsic motivation, both to follow the programme and to live the learning in our everyday lives.
The course is informed by Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Both approaches have an evidence-base to support their effectiveness in promoting good mental health and psychological flexibility. They work across the spectrum, from enabling people suffering from stress, pain and illness to regain balance, grow resilience and increase self-regulation, to supporting those already OK to flourish and thrive. 
The intentions of the course are to:
• Learn and share with others in a supportive group
• Develop present-moment awareness, key to savouring the positive and responding skilfully to challenges
• Tune into what matters to us and use this to guide the choices that we make in daily life
• Foster self-care and kindness
• Increase connection with ourselves and in our relationships with others
• Integrate new skills into life between sessions, and see the learning ripple out into different domains of our lives
Sessions combine: meditation and mindful living practices, ongoing practice support, values-based exercises and small and whole group discussion.
Before session 1 we explore with participants, using a questionnaire and if there is more we need to discuss, a one-to-one phone call to ensure this is the right time for them to take the course.
In light of the current circumstances we are offering the course at the reduced standard rate of £160 and concessionary rate of £100, which applies to those whose income has been reduced due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, as well as students, people over 60 and others on a lower income.
To book your place on the course, please  contact us

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